heART in hand DESIGN is a moniker intended to imply that I hold my heart, or my passion, in my hand...the very hand that clicks, paints, draws, and brings that third cup of coffee to my lips as I create. I love what I do: a concept apparent in the breadth of my work.
A Northern Michigan University alum and proud recipient of a bachelors degree in Graphic Communication and Marketing, I've been creating and designing for as long as I can remember. Actually, my drive--neigh, insatiable thirst--to create is the one consistent thread weaving my entire life into a cohesive tapestry of experiences. A member of the Marquette Arts & Culture Committee since June of 2016, a volunteer arts and crafts facilitator and instructor at multiple area non-profits, and an exhibiting artist in the region, I truly believe in art as a therapy and an expressive outlet needed and enjoyed by our community.
I'm a process designer and artist. I enjoy the ride and I love problem solving. Creation is just that. It is equal parts push and pull, give and take. It's frustrating and time-consuming but a finished piece can be absolutely beautiful when it comes together.
If you're looking for a passionate print or branding designer, illustrator, or artist, please get a hold of me and I'll send you my resume. I'd love to create something for you.
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